Meena Ruchi Magic

Is a Reading With Meena Right For Me?

Every Akashic Record Reader has their own unique way of working with the Akashic Records. I’ve done many readings over the last few years and I’ve noticed that my unique Akashic channel is very effective at offering insight to certain types of questions and is silent in response to other types of questions. 

Before you book a session with me, please read all of the information below to make sure that what you’re looking for is actually something that I can support you with. 

What A Reading Can Offer

From my experience, the Akashic Records are excellent at providing a new perspective on your:

  • Unique purpose
    • The qualities your soul most wants to experience in this lifetime
  • Innate gifts
    • The talents your soul most wants to express in this lifetime
  • Personal relationships
    • Why they might be challenging and whether there are past life connections/themes that are at play within the relationship.
    • How you can improve them and show up fully for yourself and those you love
  • Limiting beliefs or perceived blocks
    • Is there anything holding you back from being in alignment with your purpose and gifts?
  • Alignment with your purpose
    • Are you “on the right path” and how to find deeper alignment in your daily life
  • Soul lessons in this lifetime
    • Why certain challenges are arising and what themes or “lessons” you can learn from them
  • Spiritual path and Intuition
    • How to better connect to your intuition/spirit team/guides

If any of the above is something you are looking to receive perspective on, an Akashic Reading with me would be a great fit! 

What A Reading DOES NOT Offer

Conversely, there are types of questions and topics that the channel is silent in response to. My unique relationship with the Akashic Records makes it such that I cannot make future predictions. I cannot answer “yes” or “no” questions. I cannot make your decisions for you or tell you what you should do.  

In a reading with me, the Akashic Records WILL NOT give ANY answers to questions that ask for:

  • Specific directions or advice on what to do next in your life
    • (i.e. Where should I move to? Which job should I take? How to make X amount of money in X amount of time?)
  • Insight on when certain things will happen
    • (when will I…meet someone? Find my next job? Finally be financially free?)
  • Any kind of future prediction 
    • anything about what will happen next for you, when, or how it will happen
  • Highly specific information about past lives
    • Exactly who, when, and where you were with specific locations, dates, and details.
  • Psychic information about your past or future, or about people in your life
    • Is my child ever going to get married? Am I going to be successful in this career? Will this person ever do XYZ (apologize, come back to me, love me, etc.)?
  • Detailed instructions on how to “fix” areas of your life that feel difficult or unpleasant
  • A psychic reading similar to the work of Edgar Cayce

Though it is my deepest desire to be able to help those who are seeking the support of the Akashic Records find what they’re looking for, the Akashic Records do not always answer every question that someone asks in a reading.  When people ask the types of questions listed above in readings, I get zero information in response – the Records are always silent. This is the nature of my relationship with the Records, but there might be other practitioners that are able to support these types of questions. I lovingly invite you to seek out the practitioner that will be able to provide you with what you’re looking for.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work, and I wish you well on your journey.