Connect to Your Dual Capacities

Connect to Your Dual Capacities

Move Through Fear One Step at a Time | Record Time Ep. 112

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records muse upon how to approach fear, one step at a time. They give us a lovely perspective and some specific questions to contemplate.

Have you ever desired to do something, but felt fear or anxiety holding you back from taking action? This definitely happens to me, where I almost stall or get stuck, because I’m worried if I go for the thing I want, then something bad/stressful will happen that I’ll then have to deal with. If you can relate to this, perhaps, you’d rather avoid that fear completely, and so you don’t take action at all. This is what the Records are talking about this week. Tune in to the video below to receive the full Akashic Transmission!

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