Breaking Unconscious Rules

Breaking Unconscious Rules

Exploring Blocks Around Self Validation and What “Counts” | Record Time Ep. 151

In this episode of Record Time, we dive into:

  • Potential blocks around self validation
  • Unconscious rules & how to become aware of them
  • An example of internalized rules

You can receive the full Akashic Transmission by watching the video below!

This week on Record Time, the Keepers of the Akashic Records ask us a potent question:

Do you have rules for what “counts” as valid in your life?

This is a question that you can bring to many different parts of your life 

It’s possible that we might not even be aware that we have rules around what “counts” or what we consider “valid” or “good”. We might have unconscious rules for how we decide whether or not we are good enough. 

Because this has the potential to illuminate some tender places within ourselves, I invite you to play with this question a little bit at a time. Sip on it slowly, rather than diving headfirst into this inquiry. Maybe consider one small and specific area of your life at a time, and ask yourself do I have rules around what “counts” in this part of my life?

There are soooo many different ways unconscious rules can show up in our lives and hold us back from fully experiencing ourselves as valid. I’m going to explore just one example, but know that this is a multifaceted inquiry. 

One way in which we might be imposing strict rules upon ourselves is with work and productivity. Maybe we have these unspoken rules in our heads that certain tasks “count” as productive, and other tasks “don’t count” as “real work”. 

This is an extremely common example of a rule that prevents us from feeling valid in our own experience. Maybe we feel like if we don’t do enough “real work” that “counts” in a day, then we aren’t allowed to relax at the end of the day – this is another unconscious rule we might have. Or if we don’t work hard enough today, then we have to work extra hard tomorrow to make up for it – another rule. 

Or if we don’t do enough “real work” in a day, then we don’t feel good about ourselves. (We’re only allowed to feel good about ourselves if we follow our rules.) We aren’t hardworking, we aren’t good enough, we don’t deserve rest, vacation days, being paid well. We aren’t worthy.

The quiet but powerful feeling underneath these rules might be:

If I don’t do X, then I am not worthy. 

What is the thing you force or expect yourself to do in order to feel valid or worthy?

What do you think you need to do in order to EARN your worthiness as a person?

That’s where the rule lies.

Once we find the rules that might be hiding in our unconscious mind (rules that we impose on ourselves without even realizing it) – then we can begin to ask ourselves is this rule real?

Where did this rule come from and is there a real person or entity that is enforcing this rule? 

Or does this rule only actually exist in my head?

If the rule only exists in your head, and no one is actually enforcing it or holding you accountable to following this rule – then there’s a good chance you don’t need to be following it. 

It might be that some of our unconscious rules have very real external parallels – real rules or standards we are expected to adhere to. And that’s okay, that’s part of living in a community. But even if that’s true – it’s still possible that the version of the rule that’s unconsciously in your head is actually much more strict than the external counterpart. So if that’s the case it might be worth asking yourself – am I being too strict with myself? What are the real expectations around this rule, and what are the expectations I’m imposing on myself? Notice if there’s a discrepancy there.

Essentially, the invitation today is this:

  1. Notice if you have unconscious rules or parameters for what makes your experience “count” as “real/valid/worthy.”
  2. If you have an unconscious rule, get curious about it! Notice if it’s a real thing that you need to follow, or if it’s something you can soften around and let go of.
  3. Remember you are inherently valid. Your experience is real – even outside of these rules.

It’s possible that you’ll find that there are some unconscious rules in your head that are waiting to be broken! (I trust your ability to discern and choose with wisdom if and how you break your rules!)

If you explore this inquiry, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Feel free to comment on this post and share what unconscious rules you discovered! 

And if you know someone that tends to be hard on themselves, or has a hard time validating themselves or feeling worthy, share this video with them and spread the goodness!

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